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Become a chef

Become a chef

At Nomad Cooking we are trying to disrupt the private chef agency model and enable clients to book chefs quickly and easily making a personal connection to their chosen chef. Chefs summarise their cooking experience, favourite dishes and styles allowing a perfect client/chef match.

Earn £465 a weekend* 



* A realistic figure, not plucked from the air. Watch this:


  • Average order total (from previous booking data) = £300

  • Chef profit, minus fee (£45) and ingredients (£100) = £155

  • Three bookings a weekend = £465

  • (Not including tips!)


This equates to a pay of £26 per hour (6 hours per booking)




So what's in it for you? 


  • No signing on fee

  • You are free to organise your own schedule fitting in with any other commitments

  • Working freelance offers you the chance to earn in your own time, when it suits you

  • You are joining a growing team of creative chefs with whom you can share ideas, techniques and cooking styles

  • You can explore your creativity as a chef, working on your own with only your client to please

  • You get to show off your skills to a wider audience - developing your abilities and enjoying all that positive feedback! 

  • Additionally, all Nomad Cooking chefs are offered a 30% discount with TOG knives

TOG Knives 

Once a chef on the platform you are eligible for 30% off all TOG products. TOG knives are designed in Britain and forged in Japan. 

"At TOG we bring together the best of Japanese artisan knifemaking and European design and innovation to create the ultimate kitchen knife for professionals and enthusiasts.


TOG blades are forged in Seki City, the Samurai sword capital of Japan. Like the swords that have been made there for 800 years, TOG blades are layered and hardened to give an unparalleled combination of sharpness and strength.


The design also uses innovative materials like Kebony and copper and high tech processes like laser-etching."

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