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While working for a private chef agency last summer I became fed up with the dismal pay and a lack of contact with clients. The process was very impersonal; I was simply sent off to an address and told to get on with it….the worst bit about it was the sheer injustice of the pay, I was doing all the work in the kitchen but only seeing a tiny portion of the profits. 


I became aware that for the customer for whom I was cooking the experience was much the same; no idea who will turn up or what to expect from them. 

I began to work on a solution - a platform where freelance chefs could advertise their services, like a shopfront, and be judged on the merit of their cooking through a review system. By sidelining the extortionate agency fees and implementing a structured booking system it seemed possible to create a fair and affordable way of booking a private chef. Chefs will be able to work more autonomously by creating their own menu, setting their own prices and choosing which jobs they take on. 


So, while at university, I launched Nomad Cooking. Using a pool of young talented trained chefs with whom I have made contact with over the past few years, I have created a booking platform where you can book a private chef at a price which is not extortionate. You can also choose the menu, cooking style and pricing of your personal chef and be able to read a resumé of his or her experience and food interests in advance. 


We are now a rapidly growing team of skilled, young and friendly freelance chefs available for booking in London for dinner parties or holiday/weekend jobs. Each chef works on a freelance basis taking home 85% of what you pay. 


Click ‘Book Now’ to make a booking request and enjoy seeing talented cooks apply for your job at an affordable price.